I Am My Father’s Daughter

If there is one thing that I have learnt in my twenty years of life, it is that life does not turn out the way you want. And you have to learn to be okay with it. Otherwise, you just stand in the middle of the road going nowhere. 

Somehow you have to find that one essential thing in your life that makes you happy. One song, one movie, one ice cream flavour, one person to talk to etc. And stick to it. 
You have to understand that things might not go your way. They might take a slightly different path to your original destination. The routes sometimes differ because even Google earth makes mistakes. And life might take you through the longer route. You just drive a little longer and get to hear the new Imagine Dragon album. 
I stood on the spotless marble floor of Hamad Hospital for 23 days, waiting and praying that Abbu is conscious once again. I stood there for 52 days in order for him to be shifted from the dreary ICU into a less dreary general room. In that time span, I could not do anything to help him except pray. My big mouth, my confidence, my pride etc, it lay on the floor being stomped over by doctors and nurses. Because there was literally nothing any of us could do. 
Even if we were doctors, we could not help the one person who means the world to us. So you see, you are forced to be okay with it. In the grand scheme of things, somehow it makes sense going through it. 
Now, I care less about the society, petty issues and daily issues. I smile and think of that helpless moment on that cold floor. I remember my head, bowed down to Allah, praying that my dad be okay. 
Nothing else matters to me. 
How could it ? 
You see I am spoiled. Because he spoiled me. 
I have had a five star life. Because he made sure I got everything I wanted. 
I am my father’s daughter. Only because he is my father. 

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