How To Plan Your Travels

Who doesn’t love traveling ? I can live out of a suitcase 320 days of the year, if my unemployed pocket gave me that permission. Nonetheless, I try my best to at least visit one country in an year. As I am in the process of planning our yearly vacation, I decided to write down everything that I find helpful while figuring out everything. So here are my top tips. DSCN3326

  1. Start Right Now:

When it comes to travelling, just start planning it right now. Now planning does not mean, booking hotels, flights or tours. Just figure out what dates you are free in.  And when it would suit you to take some time off. Trust me, there will be things like a cousin’s wedding or other half’s annual meeting in the way. You think that you will be free but you never know.

2. Set A Budget:

Decide how much your pocket can afford to spend in order to satisfy your inner wanderer. This will help you cut down the destinations you had in mind, resulting in an easier decision of where to go. Even with budgets, keep a little wiggle room. You never know when an unexpected expense might arise. It could be a handmade Persian rug or renting a car due to cancelled domestic flights.

3. Check All Your Documents:

If you are not a frequent traveler, please check all your documents. Expired passports, no exit permits, outdated RP etc has happened before. Official things take a lot of time. So your passport renewal might take a month or two and a lot of hassle. That just means, losing precious Istanbul weather and beating the shit out of the guy who suggested we go in November.

4. Deciding A Location:

This is the hardest thing to do because there are way too many options. But then airfares and amount of time you have comes in. Me and my husband can never agree on a single place. This time, I left the choice up to him since he is not much of a traveler. ( I know, it’s a very sad story. I am trying my best to convert the guy) Despite that, he changed his mind ten times going from Greece to Cyprus to Malaysia to Thailand.Screenshot (16)

5. Check The Weather:

The biggest mistake you can make is not checking the weather before hand. Hence, if you are going to Malaysia in October, there is a high chance you might end up staying in the hotel 24/7 or seeing the Petronas Towers dripping wet with rain.

6. Set Your Priorities :

You can do this after your have decided the country to visit or do this before. This basically means, deciding what you want out of your travels. Do you want a relaxed holiday or want to visit all the landmarks that you can. My priorities are usually, food, shopping, adventure, sightseeing, locals and bookstores. Though this time, the other half decided that he wanted a bit of history, good architecture, something different that he would never normally consider.

7. Decide Your Problems :

You need to think of any problems that may arise in the country you are traveling too. This might not be a thing for everyone. But for a Desi like me it is. Country relationships are not always the best which results in visa rejections. Or unnecessary checks at the airport (which mean that your vacation is over before it even began). Also, as a Muslim, I have to think about things like Halal food or places to pray at.

8.Take A Break From the Internet :

Yes, I know the internet is a wonderful place. It lets you have a vacation before you have booked anything. But just get your hands off that things to do in Stockholm button. The fun of traveling is in not knowing what the country has to offer and than being surprised.

9. Have Fun:

At the end of the day, you are traveling because you love it. So no matter where you end up or how you end up there, smile and just have fun. Go and explore the city, forget your itinerary for an afternoon. Breathe in that air because you are standing underneath the same sky, on the same ground but everything else is different. The history behind it is different.

No matter how you plan your traveling adventures, the journey will always be great. It will teach you something new, open your eyes to different cultures and different people. So simply travel.


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