Some Lessons Are Very Important

I learnt a very important lesson yesterday. One that I would like to share. So here is how it went.

I was in City Centre yesterday and our maid was with me. I noticed that she was walking really slow. On my inquiry, she told me that her sandal broke, so she couldn’t walk properly. Then she took off her sandals and started walking barefoot. So I offered her my shoes. On her refusal, I took her to a shop to buy her some new sandals for the time being.


She did not know her shoe size. Hence I gave her different shoes to tryΒ on. After awhile I found these Aztec print slipons which fit her and were very cheap. But I was like, maybe this isn’t her style. So I asked her to chose something that she would like. She found some black sandals but there price was three times more. All of a sudden, I was like, I am not going to pay that much for a pair of sandals, just to walk in a mall. I told my brain to shut up because I buy shoes that cost way more than that. Despite that, the fact that I would have to pay that amount for her sandals kept hovering in my mind for the next 45 minutes.

Here is the ironic part.

When I went to pay for it, it turned out that they were half of their original price.

I just could not look at myself in that moment. I always complain about how some people don’t consider me like themselves and are always giving me tacky gifts which neither I nor they themselves use. (You know the whole desi scenario of if you don’t like something, just pass it on to someone else)

How could I expect someone to treat me like themselves when I was not ready to just be decent. The price of those sandals was no where near of what I normally pay for my shoes. Yet, I had a problem paying for it.

How ? Why ? Why was I thinking about her differently ? Was it because her profession is washing dishes and cleaning for us ? What made me so superior to her ? It’s not her fault that she was born in a poor household. It’s actually admirable that she is miles apart from her family, in an unknown country, just so she can support those back home.

If you cannot treat your household help like yourselves, at least treat them like human beings, with decency and respect.



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