What’s On My Phone ? Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I have seen a lot of youtubers doing this but for some reason never thought of doing till Noor from Noor’s Place did this with her first phone. That makes me feel old.

I got my first phone when I was in 9th grade. It was a Blackberry 9700, back in 2009 actually when BB’s were the rage. Anyway, I am not really into phones all that much. Don’t get me wrong. I love them. But for me, spending 3000 riyals ($823) on a piece of metal that goes out of date within six months is just useless.DSCN3342

Nonetheless, when I saw Samsung S6 Edge, I absolutely loved it. (Pehli nazar ka payyar ) I just could not bring myself to buy it. Two weeks ago, I saw the Platinum Gold version of the phone on some website, I was even more inlove. Then my other half, randomly gifted it to me. He does this kind of a thing a lot. I am not complaining. I am totally okay with amazing surprises and beautiful gifts. Ain’t got nothing against them.


My lock screen is always changing but currently I am obsessed with water colour effect paintings and purple as a colour. The quote suits me perfectly because this brain of mine never stops thinking.

My home screen is pretty simple, I just have the apps I use constantly. So that includes Music, Camera, Gallery and Email. Then on the bottom you have the phone, Contacts, Messages and Internet. I also have the Google search bar here because it’s easy peasy to use it. The background picture is from when I went sailing with my siblings on Eid ul Fitr.

Screenshot_2015-10-06-14-51-45 Screenshot_2015-10-06-14-51-51

Then I have the following apps on my phone.

  1. Phonto: I have been loving typography recently and saw this on Noor’s post so decided to try it. I like it but my problem is that it writes in a straight line. The text doesn’t automatically adjust to the size of the picture.
  2. Play Store: Everyone needs this one.
  3. Goodreads: I haven’t used this in awhile. I have been in a reading slump so I need to get on the bandwagon again.
  4. Tripadvisor: I am traveling in the next few months. And tripadvisor has been my best friend recently.
  5. Soundcloud: I have not used this a lot. But I plant to do that.
  6. Turkish: I am traveling to Turkey in a month. I figured that this was a good opportunity to learn a new language. Or atleast some basic words of it.
  7. Microsoft Apps: It has skype and outlook which I use very rarely.
  8. Google: This has all the google stuff like Maps, Chrome etc.
  9. Social: In this one I have Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Pinterest and Messenger. I am obsessed with Instagram these days. I am refraining from joining Snapchat since I know I will be addicted like crazy.

Screenshot_2015-10-06-14-51-59 Screenshot_2015-10-06-14-52-04

These just have all of my apps. I will go through the ones I don’t use as frequently but still keep on my phone.

  1. Maps: I would be lost without this one. The offline version has saved me so many times on the road.
  2. CamScanner: How do you not love technology when this is available ? I always need to scan something for various reasons and this comes in handy.
  3. Uber: I use this very few times when I absolutely need to.
  4. WordPress: When I have free WiFi somewhere outside and nothing better to do, than I just go and jot down my thoughts in here.
  5. ColourNote: I use this to make lists of things I need or just write down any ideas I have.
  6. Tic Tac Toe: Probably the only game I have. Like I said, I get addicted to things pretty easily, so I try to keep games out of my reach.
  7. NoCrop : I use this for Instagram.
  8. Podcast Addict: I used this app when my dad was in the hospital and I had to drive constantly from one hospital to another to the house and so on. Love it !


I love this phone. One of the reasons I wanted this was because the camera is 16 megapixel. That is just amazing. I love the edge screen and the colour is to die for. All the edge functions are also very useful, especially the night clock. And my favourite has to be how you turn your phone to turn off the alarm. I don’t even have to open my eyes to see the button.

Tell me about your phones since that is with us more than anyone else.



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