Letters To The Moon # 10

Dear Moon,

It’s Muaaz’s (younger brother) birthday today. He turned 18 today. 18 ! Can you believe it ? Because I cannot. It seems just like yesterday when he was turning 15. It’s been an year since he left for Pakistan. How time flies !

This year was probably the hardest for him. We were right here when Abbu was in the hospital. But he was miles away without any family, unable to come. We could see our dad and get updates from the doctors everyday. While he had to stay there, give his exams and just pray for everything to be okay.

In other news, I got my Diploma today. Normally I could have gotten it within six months but I got it in almost 16. I feel more accomplished because of the hard work that went into it. I had to fight a lot of battles this year. But I understood that my education is my biggest weapon against anything anyone says.

It hurts when people voice their fear of me studying more and getting ahead of my other half. How is it that living in the 21st century, in a progressive country we still carry those same beliefs with us ? Everyone would have been so proud if it was vice versa. Despite all this, his utmost belief in my success makes me more determined everyday. Time doesn’t matter to me as long as I keep doing what I love.

Also, we went to IHOP today, which opened in Doha a week ago. I had been waiting for this opening since Gulf Mall opened. The food was amazing as expected. My new obsession is Beef Bacon so I literally had like 6 slices. Now I completely understand America’s love for bacon. I get it people.

Life turns out so unexpected at times. I never knew that my accomplishments would be the cause of fear instead of happiness. Do we not realize that we are minimizing someone’s hard work in a single word ? We as human beings need to be kind. A lot more kind.



P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIPPO !!!! You are one of a kind and I miss you tremendously. Also, when I ask you to buy my books, do actually buy them.



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