Letters To The Moon # 11

1445724254441Dear Moon,

I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but I burn myself very easily. I am not klutz. I promise. I just seem to burn different parts of my body like you drink coffee, as part of your daily routine. If it was not for ice, I would have scars all over me. Not kidding at all. I am that person who burns herself with the Steak plate or steaming coffee, while frying Samosas, boiling water, making noodles, baking a pie, in short anything and everything.

Today, I was a little late in putting ice on my burn so it hurts pretty bad now. Also like a vain girl, I am worried it would leave a scar.

It’s weird how other people notice things about you or your relationship which you never do. Maybe it’s because I am so comfortable with my other half that I don’t see the little things he does for me. So I wonder whether I have started taking him for granted. He is the one person who keeps me sane amongst all this chaos. He pushes me to do my best while making sure that I stay rooted to the ground instead of floating in my own day dreams. Sometimes I tend to dream more and work less.

Another realization that hit me was how blessed we are, to have all the things that we possess and to be able to do what we do. I overlook material things at times, considering other achievements more. But the fact that I get to drive in a world where people don’t have clean water, kids don’t have access to education, educated people are struggling with unemployment etc, is unbelievable.

Today, I am truly grateful to be in a position where I don’t have to worry about basic things like food, shelter, clothes and water. Sometimes the simplest things are the biggest blessing.

Adieu !




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