Letters To The Moon # 12 (Travel Edition)

View from the apartment we were staying in Antalya, Turkey.
View from the apartment we were staying in Antalya, Turkey.

October 31, 2015

Dear Moon,

I am sitting on a bright blue couch in Antalya, Turkey right now. There are floor to ceiling windows on my left and I can see the sea from where I sit. The mountains are right behind it, posing as a perfect backdrop.

The moment I saw Antalya, I was transported back to my childhood, to Anna’s (my grandma) house in Waah Cantt. You see the lust of building skyscrapers hasn’t hit Antalya yet. It is green, everywhere. I absolutely love it.

Moon, you were ignored today because your other half was in full glory. I saw a sunset that is very rare in my part of the world. I cannot imagine what it is like to wake up to this view and go to sleep with that sunset. I am sure that I will spend all my time out on that balcony. Staying in this apartment instead of a hotel was the best decision I have ever made.

This vacation is already to a great start. We ditched all our plans for the day, took a long two hour nap, completely messed up our sleeping patterns and just sat on the balcony. Did I mention that we also ate the most incredible Pizza for lunch.

What I am loving the most is the peace and quiet. We are staying in a residential area and there is a main road right in front of it. But all I can hear is the blissful silence.

Antalya, you have already made me fall in love with you. I cannot wait to discover you more.

Adieu !




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