My Wedding Photographer

I want to introduce you guys to someone incredible. I cannot thank this person enough. And it is *drum roll please* Saleha Jamil aka my wedding photographer.


This post is way too late because I got married last year in May. And I should have raved about her ages ago. For some reason I didn’t. Anyway, better late than never I guess.

When it came to my wedding, photography was the main thing for me. Because I wanted pictures that were classic, elegant and timeless. I wanted them to portray who I am. Pictures are the one thing that you always look back on. Hence for me they had to be perfect.

I had a whole list of photographers in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting married their.ย So I searched for wedding photographers in Qatar. They were nonexistent. The one’s I found had never shot a Desi Bride or I just did not like their work. And then I thought about Saleha.

I got to know Saleha through tumblr. We both became friends but never had the opportunity to meet each other till the shoot day. I had seen Saleha’s photography and loved it from day one. ย I messaged her. She instantly agreed.

She was beyond amazing. This girl knows what she is doing. Her photography is a reflection of how creative she really is. I have zero knowledge when it comes to taking pictures. So I pretty much left everything up to her. One of our best pictures exists because she cracked a joke and made both of us laugh. It is candid and perfect.

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I gave her some ideas about props I wanted and she kindly made them for me. She was everything I wanted. She is not only talented but she also has the experience to do what she does.

Usually photographers take 2-3 months to give you the pictures. I got mine, if I am not wrong, in about 3 weeks. I was really nervous because I knew that I would love the pictures. I didn’t know if the other half would like them as well. Even he loved them. My family saw the pictures and they were like, this girl is amazing.

I have listed all her information down below. If you have any events coming up or just want to get any kind of pictures taken, contact her. She is everything you will ever need. And than you can deliver ice cream to my house as a thank you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will also be doing a part two of this where I will interview her and talk about all sorts of things. So stay tuned for that.

Where to contact her:

Facebook Page:ย Salz Clicks

Instagram:ย Retro Salz





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