Letters To The Moon # 13

1448136636239.jpgDear Moon,

Doha has been exceptionally beautiful since I have been back. The weather is perfect, not too chilly, not too hot. The skies are a sight of clouds and pretty sunsets. As if it’s trying to change my opinion about it. Well, I have loved you for a long time, Doha. Now I want to move on.

I am back to studying. It’s hard going back there after a fortnight full of adventures. But it’s a reminder that I love what I am doing.

What else is there to update you on ?

I quiet like the new wordpress settings. Finally, my drafts are being saved automatically. So thank you WordPress !

I saw you the other day from this tiny window in our entryway. I ran upstairs and checked you out in full glory. You have the ability to grab my attention. I have a habit of looking up the minute I step out of the house, in search of you. You do that to people. At least to me.

Things are a lot quieter these days. I need to remember to not make the mistake of assuming that it will stay like this. Somehow fearing the worst makes me better prepared for a lot of things. Aaahhhh ! Such a pessimist I have become.

Did I tell you about how much I had to bear because I forced the other half to go watch Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Thank you Salman Khan ! I wanted to love the movie. But I could not. It was a disappointment. When you have high expectations of something, you want that to be excellent, nothing less. If only the story line was better, I would have loved it.

Now I have to pay the dues by watching space oriented movies. I am already asleep.








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