What To Do In Antalya – # 1 Roam Around In Kaleici

1448321351322This was suppose to be a single post. But then I realised that I cannot fit all of my writing plus the pictures in one post. So I am dividing it up. Please forgive me if you are reading about my trip even after a month. *evil grins*

Roam Around In Kaleici :Β 

Kaleici is the place with all the details, history and character in it. It has a story written on every corner of it. There are hidden parts of it that will surprise you the more you explore it.

I visited Kaleici twice, once in the morning and then the next day for dinner. I still did not see every nook and cranny.

We were meant to be going to Perge but we ended up in Kaleici due to our poor knowledge of the public bus system. I was super annoyed and irritated by this point. So we just walked and walked, found a dingy cafe with retirees playing chess on a plastic table in the middle of a tiny park with a fountain, sat down and drank water.

I recommend that you go see the important things first like Hadrian’s Gate, Yivle Minaret etc. This is where we headed after eating burgers. There is a viewpoint just off Yivle Minaret that overlooks parts of Kaleici. We had to walk a lot more because while it might say 5 minutes to location on the map, it actually means 15. I ended up in this street and my eyes spotted a bookstore. It was tiny, crammed with books on the shelves, piled high on the floor, books were everywhere. In other words, it was perfect. Unfortunately, they were all in Turkish. I still managed to find an English book and bought it.

After that we ended up on the view point, sat down, took in the peace, took some pictures and moved forward. We found Hadrian’s Gate, spent sometime there and then took a taxi back home.

We went there for dinner the next day. We had a lovely time, walking around, talking and laughing like we were ten, experienced the ever charming Turkish shopkeeper tricks to lure you in and just relaxed. We ate under the umbrellas which were not as cool as I expected at night.

All in all, we had a ton of fun roaming around in this part of town where brick speaks to you with it’s aged looks and dents.

Hadrian’s Gate !




If you made it till here you deserve some free Nutella Crepes. πŸ˜€

Hope you enjoyed this post !




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