What To Do In Antalya # 2- Visit A Waterfall


Visit A Waterfall:

Antalya is blessed with waterfalls, 8 I believe. So you cannot plan a trip there without including waterfalls in it.

We woke up pretty late on the third day, ate biscuits for breakfast while sitting in the balcony and than headed out to Lower Duden Waterfalls. These were really near where our apartment was, so we just took a taxi. It cost us about 15 TL/ $5.

The entrance to the park is free. At first, I could not find it. Than I heard the whoosh sound (that’s how it sounded to me) and followed that. And than I saw it. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Lower Duden falls into the Mediterranean sea. It is connected with the Upper Duden Waterfalls which are located at about a 20 minute car ride. We went to visit those as well. But they had just closed for the day. I was really pissed because the cab driver could have told us that it would be closed then. Upper Duden Waterfalls is situated in a park, so when the park closes it is closed as well.

The next day we were going on an all day tour. The morning after that, we were leaving for Cappadoccia. So we didn’t have time to revisit it.

We came home with sullen faces, grabbed coke from the fridge, sat in the balcony for ten minutes, than finished watching Rang De Basanti and went for dinner in Kaleici.

Look at that gorgeous piece of heaven !
The never ending sea meets the never ending sky.

I simply stood there and appreciated nature. Because we live in a world where so much beauty exists. How can you be in a bad mood or think about anything when your eyes are seeing this.

Hope you liked the post as always. 😀


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