What To Do In Antalya – Visit Perge


We woke up pretty early on the third day because we were going to Perge by bus. Antalya has a great public bus service. But you need to know how to use it. There is very little information about it online. Hence the best thing is to ask someone, specifically the bus driver.

We caught a bus to Otogar which is the main bus terminal. We asked a couple of people, then boarded the no 3 bus. I had downloaded an offline map of Turkey which was the only reason we did not manage to get lost majority of the time.

This is where everything went south. On the map it said, 15 minutes to destination, so I thought we would walk there. So we walked. And walked. And kept walking.

At first we came upon these Orange and Pomegranate trees. I went a little nuts because I had never seen either of them. I would have taken one home if a law abiding citizen hadn’t been with me.

The road was uphill and we were the only two idiots walking. After 25 minutes of walking we still could not see Perge from anywhere. So we sat down. The other half cursed me and promised himself that he will never let me plan any vacation again. (like that’s happening, huh ! )

1452We started walking again till we finally came upon the amphitheater. Only to find out that it’s closed for restoration. (The struggle to not punch anyone was real, people ) 20151101_123057We walked a bit further and came across the stadium. 20151101_123617I sat down on rocks that were older than my imagination and just took a moment to take everything in. The place was deserted.

We went a little further and found the main site. There is a ticket booth, a cafe with over priced juices and snacks (I hate it when I am forced to pay exuberant amounts for a bottle of water) and a souvenir shop. 20151101_13320320151101_13203420151101_13275420151101_13202820151101_13214220151101_133208As you can see there was a lot of restoration going on due to which parts of the site were closed.

I walked around exploring everything while the other half sat on a stone and sulked. As we were going back, we saw a bride coming in with her photographer. I actually really liked the concept of a bridal shoot in an ancient city. Really really cool !

We took a taxi back and crashed on the sofa’s.

Tell me if you are like me and enjoy history or are boring siding with my other half, with no interest in it ? I will judge you and give you no Nutella if you don’t like it. 😉



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