Letters To The Moon # 15

2015112Dear Moon,

You and I haven’t talked in ages. It’s time we caught each other up with things.  Continue reading “Letters To The Moon # 15”


Top Ten Books I Read In 2015


As far as reading is considered, 2015 was not such a good year. I read a lot of good books. But I feel like I did not read enough.

It’s just that with a busy life if I am reading a book that requires even a bit more attention, it just ends up back on the shelf. So I need really intriguing and attention gripping books all year round. Continue reading “Top Ten Books I Read In 2015”

Black Day – December 16, 2014

Where should I begin from ? Let’s start from the beginning. wrmA13v

December 16, 2014. 

144 people were brutally murdered by terrorists. Out of these 132 were kids between the ages of 8 and 18. They were kids. Kids barely in there teens enjoying life. Kids not even old enough to understand what was happening around them. And yet they were gunned down like cattle.

They were victims of a revenge against the army for the commendable job they were doing of eradicating terrorism from the country.

While I stayed safe and sound in my home continents apart, kids died. I could not have felt more helpless. I felt weak and ashamed. For the first time I felt ashamed to be an expat, to have lived outside my country for so long.  Continue reading “Black Day – December 16, 2014”

What To Do In Antalya – Selale Restaurant

BeFunky DesignI cannot believe that I am writing the last post about Antalya. There is so much more that I want to write about this city. Istanbul overshadows the beauty of this place.

Anyway, one of the places that was on my list was Selale Restaurant. It’s a restaurant perched upon a flowing lake. You are sitting on sort of a daybed surrounded by rushing water and ducks swimming in it. Continue reading “What To Do In Antalya – Selale Restaurant”

26th Doha International Book Fair

1449220308311.jpgI have been going to this book fair for the past nine years. I think I missed it only once when I was out of the country.

For the past three years this book fair has been a disappointment in terms of English books. I mean, it is an international book fair, so English books should be there. They never had the latest fiction books that I wanted. Continue reading “26th Doha International Book Fair”