Top Ten Books I Read In 2015


As far as reading is considered, 2015 was not such a good year. I read a lot of good books. But I feel like I did not read enough.

It’s just that with a busy life if I am reading a book that requires even a bit more attention, it just ends up back on the shelf. So I need really intriguing and attention gripping books all year round.

Anyway, here are the top ten books I read in 2015.

  1. And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie:    When it comes to mysteries and murders, nobody does it better than her. This is a classic Christie novel with loads of suspense, mind boggling and a fantastic story. Basically 13 people are gathered on an island when a murder occurs and it is one of the 12 left on the island.
  2. Memoirs Of A Geisha -Arthur Golden:  This book was such an eye opener for me. I absolutely loved it. I learnt so much about being a Geisha and the amount of hardwork that goes into it. It is truly an artwork in my opinion. The book is a biography of a Geisha whose story is incredible. You have to read this one.
  3. The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern :  Let me tell you something, after reading this book you will never ever be the same. It’s a beautiful book about an actual circus that comes to life at night, it appears one day and then disappears the next. This book has become one of my most favourite books ever. It’s like all your magical dreams coming true at once. Now I want this circus in reality. If only ! 😥
  4. Sins Of The Father (The Clifton Chronicles) – Jeffrey Archer : I am a huge J.A fan and it had been awhile since I read one of his books. So it was really nice to get back into his classic story telling with the build up of characters. Although I was pretty fed by the fourth book in this series because it feels like the same story being told again. Nevertheless I loved the first book.
  5. Forty Rules Of Love – Elif Shafak : This also ended up becoming one of my all time favourite books. It has a bit of Sufism and mysticism in it along with a great story line. The story revolves around a woman finding herself in a book and discovering who she really is.
  6. The Diary Of A Young Girl – Anne Frank : I assumed this book to be more about the Holocaust but it turned out to be more about Anne herself. It’s heart breaking to see this girl with such creativity and talent, grow up and talk about her feelings. She had her life figured out at fifteen when most of us are learning to drive a car. I loved Anne and her ability to be honest with herself.
  7. The Shoemaker’s Wife – Adriana Trigani : One of the sweetest love stories I read this year happened to be of Ciro and Enza. (love the names) It’s a story of how they first meet and then are separated, only to meet again in a different country under completely different circumstances.
  8. The Storyteller – Jodi Picoult : I love Jodi Picoult so it’s no surprise that one of her books made it to the top ten. This book also revolved around the Holocaust. I cried to death at the end of this one. It was heart wrenching. Picoult does that to you. She shatters your heart and then leaves it on the floor for you to piece it back together.
  9. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – Betty Smith : I loved the essence of hard work and persistence in this story. How they keep going, living their life day after day spent in misery and still dreaming about better times. The main character Francie is an avid reader makes the story even more interesting. And the moment you get the metaphor that is this title, you are blown away.
  10. Out Of The Easy – Ruta Sepetys : This book is set in one of my top, to visit places i.e. New Orleans. Sepetys does a great job in narrating a story set in 1950’s, transporting you to that era and making you feel right at home.


Can you see a theme going ? I feel like this year all I read was books on Holocaust, Nazism and prostitution. Not that I mind it at all.

Now it’s your turn to tell me all about the books you loved in 2015.



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