Letters To The Moon # 15

2015112Dear Moon,

You and I haven’t talked in ages. It’s time we caught each other up with things. 

Life has been pretty hectic and crazy these past few weeks. The pressure of being a perfect ‘bahu’ is exhausting especially when you are dealing with a death in the family. But it’s not all bad.

After a long time I feel like life is in my control. More like everything is going somewhat smoothly. I am giving my 120% just so I at least don’t get the negativity in return. So far so good. Let’s hope that this remains the same in the new year.

Something came up a few weeks ago. And the realization truly made made me sad. Because I cannot fly away right now. My passenger is not ready. I don’t think that he ever will be. The question is whether I am okay with flying alone or staying behind ? The choices are tough so I am not making any as of now. Because I am scared of this wide world. I have lived in a bubble all my life and have no idea if I can handle it any other way.

Another exciting story is unfolding right now in our house. And that is of Huzaifa. He likes someone, who happens to be one of my old childhood friend. Nothing is final yet but the according to the inside story, everything is going great. The girl is gorgeous, literally inside out. And we as a family, feel lucky and blessed that his choice has been perfect. We are all really excited to welcome her into our lives and turn our friendship into family. Let’s just hope that everything goes to plan and the coming year get’s to hear about them being engaged.

Blessings don’t always have to be materialistic. They don’t have to be measured in terms of quantity.

A farewell to a difficult yet rewarding 2015. Let’s all take a moment to truly be grateful for everything and everyone we have in our lives.

Adieu !




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