Quote Challenge : Day I


I have been nominated by the awesome Mahnoor of Moonlight Blogs to do this challenge. Do check out her blog. And thank you, Mahnoor for the nomination. Continue reading “Quote Challenge : Day I”


Letters To The Moon # 16


You know what I have to come to acknowledge. It’s that he celebrates me. As much as I would like to keep things low key and not talk about my achievements, he brags about it all the more. He goes above and beyond, not just for me but for the beliefs that I carry. It’s the look in his eyes when he forces people to go out for dinner just because I passed another exam. That look tells me that I will be fine. Continue reading “Letters To The Moon # 16”

Dear John – Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)

Goodread’s Review:Dear John5526

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Published: October 30, 2006

Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction, 

Goodread’s Rating: 3.9/5

My Rating: 4/5

My Review:

I am not a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. Just because I don’t like sappy love stories. I am glad that Dear John was more than that. Continue reading “Dear John – Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)”


Childhood Book Tag

2151217_11)Mahnoor from Moonlight Blogs and Rabia from A Touch Of Everything have done this tag. Since I had so much fun reading all their answers, I decided to copy them. Sorry peeps, I am trying to survive the exam season.

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January Book Haul

2jiYes I know the year just started. And I am already out of cash. 😛 Anyway, my brother was suppose to bring books from Pakistan but he didn’t. So I had to spend that cash somewhere. And what better thing than books. Then he needed to go to Jarir Bookstore so I took him. And that is how this haul came to being. Continue reading “January Book Haul”


The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks {Book Review}


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DIY Marble Mugs

2015Sometimes I am a victim of Pinterest, so I end up attempting DIY projects. Most of the time they turn out all right. But there have been absolute failures as well. Thankfully, this one turned out great. Continue reading “DIY Marble Mugs”


Happy New Year ! Goals In 2016


It’s 2016 ! I have no idea how the year raced by. Here we are yet again. A new year. A new beginning, for you and me. New resolutions, new promises, some of which will be fulfilled while some will remain as it is.

Nonetheless, let’s share what we aim to accomplish in this year.  Continue reading “Happy New Year ! Goals In 2016”