Happy New Year ! Goals In 2016


It’s 2016 ! I have no idea how the year raced by. Here we are yet again. A new year. A new beginning, for you and me. New resolutions, new promises, some of which will be fulfilled while some will remain as it is.

Nonetheless, let’s share what we aim to accomplish in this year. 

In no particular order mine are as following:

  1. Watch more movies and less Youtube: I love watching movies but the past year I have watched more of nonsense Vlogs and youtubers and less movies. So I want to get back on track and watch more quality movies.
  2. Buy domain for the blog: I have been meaning to do this for as long as I can remember. But I have been scared to take the plunge. This year I am finally going to do it.
  3. Be regular on the blog: I love blogging. It’s a breath of fresh air from everything else that happens in my life. And I have been quiet regular ever since I shifted my blog from Blogger to WordPress. So I am hoping that that sticks in 2016.
  4. Write at least one fiction story: Writing is something that I have sidelined in the past year. I want to start writing again, especially fiction and poetry. And I want to take that start by writing short fiction stories. My goal is to write at least one in 365 days.
  5. Read 50 books: There was a time when I read 100 books in an year. How I miss those times ! Lazing around and reading books all day was the norm in those days. This year I want to read a lot more and get through my to be read pile. I want to reach for a book instead of my laptop in 2016.
  6. Give ACCA papers till F9: If you didn’t know I am doing ACCA. 2015 was a bit slow in terms of my studying. I slacked a lot when it came to concentrating on my books. So this upcoming year I am going to be focusing a lot more on studying.
  7. Explore Qatar: Sometimes the country you live in goes unnoticed the most. I have lived in Qatar for so long that now I find it quiet boring. So in an attempt to find it charming again, I want to visit some of the more far off places like the Purple Island etc.
  8. Workout Daily: I have been working out for the past three months, on and off. I have mostly done Cardio with a bit of aerobics. Sadly I suck at being consistent. So in 2016, I want to be consistent with keeping those Pizza calories off my butt.
  9. Surprise the other half with something amazing: I love surprising people anyway. But I want to do something different, something that is not materialistic, involves a lot of thought and creativity. Most of the time we are so busy during the week that on weekends we end up just lazing around watching movies. (which I love but I want to do something different)
  10. Be more patient: I have had a zero tolerance (shit) policy all my life. But in the past two years I have been patient beyond my capabilities. And I want to keep that up. Just because I quiet like that. I feel like things end up working out for me in the end.
  11. Be less materialistic: Ever since I have gotten married, I have gone from having a two door cupboard which fit all my belongings to having a massive four door wardrobe, a huge dresser plus side drawers overflowing with stuff. Honestly, I hate that. I like myself in fewer clothes, shoes, bags and cosmetics. I want to throw/donate everything that I don’t use on a daily basis. I have been really good with what I buy these days. I want materialistic things to matter less in my life.
  12. Do something good: I feel that I am living this life without considering the other side. I want to do one good deed, whether that is giving somebody money, donating clothes or helping someone in need. I just want to put my needs and wants aside and do something for someone less fortunate.
  13. Learn to manage my money: This is ironic considering I am studying accounting. It doesn’t teach you how to manage it. Anyway, I suck at it. I am penniless on the fifth of every month. I don’t know how but that just happens.

These are just some of the things that I want to work on in 2016. No matter what the New Year holds, I hope that I have the strength to bulldoze through.

May the new year bring happiness and peace every where in the world. So that we don’t converse about hunger, murder and wars.


P.S. Eat loads of Nutella because it’s another year to make mistakes and learn from them. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Happy New Year ! Goals In 2016

  1. I’ve used to read a lot and write a lot, nowadays if I read 14 books a year and I’m happy. Miss the reading days. I also used to love writing, I think I’ve only managed to finish 2 stories when I was about 15 or 17 (don’t even know!) Now I have lots of random texts and stories in my head but I never finish then, It is daunting to start a book, the first words are the most difficult ones I find. Good luck with your goals for 2016

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    1. You know what, two years ago, I was reading 80 to 100 books an year. Now life is so damn busy but I am getting back to reading a lot more. For me jotting down any thoughts I have really helps with my writing. So simply write it on a paper and go from there.
      Thank you ! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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