DIY Marble Mugs

2015Sometimes I am a victim of Pinterest, so I end up attempting DIY projects. Most of the time they turn out all right. But there have been absolute failures as well. Thankfully, this one turned out great.

I saw this DIY on the What’s Up Mom’s youtube channel here. So I got some plain white mugs from Max. They were 7 QR I believe, so really cheap.

I am just going to show you guys the end result. Because I didn’t take any pictures of the process itself. But I have listed the video of the method below. 20151230_191139-1


  • Looks amazing ! Just look at these pictures. You can gift these to anyone as a birthday present etc.
  • You can marble anything like vases, plates, bowls, empty mason jars etc.
  • They are unique. (My mom is a sucker for unique stuff so I made these for her.)
  • Very easy to make. Absolutely no effort is involved.
  • You cannot mess this up.


  • The nail polish wears off after washing the mugs. You can use a clear coat finishing spray that will prevent that. I am still looking for that as I haven’t found it yet. 20151230_191026-120151230_191425-1

Here is the video. Enjoy !

Do try this out. It’s so much fun and turns out different each time.



4 thoughts on “DIY Marble Mugs

  1. Ohmyyy. I saw this diy like day before yesterday and totally made my mind to do it. Ofcourse I would have done it months later.. :p
    But this just gave me motivation
    Pretty yyy ❤

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