Letters To The Moon # 16


You know what I have to come to acknowledge. It’s that he celebrates me. As much as I would like to keep things low key and not talk about my achievements, he brags about it all the more. He goes above and beyond, not just for me but for the beliefs that I carry. It’s the look in his eyes when he forces people to go out for dinner just because I passed another exam. That look tells me that I will be fine.

If you are lucky enough to find someone looking at you like that cherishing you, hold onto it. People like these are rare.

One more down, a lot more to go. I find it hilarious that marriage becomes a jail card for you to consider your average marks as a distinction. I get asked all the time whether I find it hard studying after being married. It’s not hard after getting married. It’s hard living with your in laws and then studying. It just gets a lot more complicated. Because you are juggling so many things at a time, it’s tough to just focus on one.

It all comes down to how much you want it. Ask yourself, would you want to be doing this ten years from now ? Can you see yourself studying and working  for this one thing for whatever amount of life you have ? I do. I can see myself doing exactly what I am studying right now.

My dearest friend, I have been looking at you quiet a lot these days. Whenever I look at you, a part of me still hopes like that first day I noticed you, up in the sky shining with all your might.

I have been watching Blacklist lately. It’s been three weeks and I have gotten through half a season. THAT IS IT. I mean, you are talking about someone who finished Scandal in a week. The problem here is that I am watching it with the other half who belongs to the working class. And is very boring. Hence after watching two episodes, he is done. And I am like, let me go shoot myself for marrying you.

Legit advice people, don’t marry someone who can’t watch TV shows with you. 😛

That is all for now.

Adieu !


P.S. Can someone suggest me good songs ? No Beiber or One Direction please. 😀



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