Doha at 2:00 pm, on a Wednesday

February 17, 2016

2016The weather is perfect, the sun is shining accompanied by a slight breeze, I don’t encounter any traffic on the road, the 20 minute drive to the Pearl actually takes 20 minutes instead of 40, I find parking within two minutes of reaching the boulevard, a couple of people are jogging and I manage to eat with a spectacular view. 

This is the Doha that I fell inlove with.

This is the city that made me it’s own.

The other half took some days off work, so today we decided to head out for lunch. He wanted to eat burgers. I wanted to sit outside in a pretty location. We settled on Elevation Burger at the Pearl.20160217_132513

Over the past few years, I have grown apart from Doha. I don’t see the attraction in this place that I used to.

It has become all about the horrendous traffic, car park problems on the weekends, construction everywhere, scorching heat, malls which become boring after about five minutes, only five places to visit on the weekends and crowds of people everywhere.

Yup, that’s not the Doha I came to in 2006.

But today, I saw a glimpse of the city that used to be.

The city that I encountered as a stranger. And then made it home.

It hasn’t felt like my home for some time. Today, it did. 20160217_135256





7 thoughts on “Doha at 2:00 pm, on a Wednesday

      1. Hahaha. I guess.
        No worries. You have plenty of time to explore the world. 🙂
        Besides, if you are open to change, than that means you will take any opportunity that comes your way which is a great thing.


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