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I was tagged by the awesome Mahnoor of Musings Of A Girl. Thank you Mahnoor ! You make blogging a little easier on days I would have skipped otherwise. Continue reading “Book Sacrifice Tag”


The Weird Sisters

20160109_112741-1.jpgGoodread’s Review: 

The Weird Sisters

Goodread’s Rating: 3.4

Author: Eleanor Brown

Published: January 1, 2011

Pages: 320

Genre: Family, Women’s Fiction, Drama

My Rating: 3.8/5

My Review:

Three sisters, each different than the other, each keeping a secret, forced to come back home one summer and live together. Continue reading “The Weird Sisters”

The Adventurous Side Of Doha {#QatarLinkUp}

njiI am an adrenaline junkie. Jumping off planes, riding fast roller coasters, being suspended in mid air etc, are my kind of things. There are tons of places in Doha where you can be an ideal tourist, roam around and take pictures. After you have done that, come read this. Because I am talking about some fantastic adventures that anyone can easily do. Continue reading “The Adventurous Side Of Doha {#QatarLinkUp}”


I Am Freaking Out

20It’s very rare that I freak out. So rare in fact that if aliens descended from Mars, I would just invite them to eat Pizza.

My best friend is the one who freaks out. She is in Med school. So her losing it is completely rational. She goes insane every week, evaluates why she is torturing herself with medicine and what she will get out of it. Continue reading “I Am Freaking Out”


March Book Haul

2016031My cousin was visiting us this past week and he had asked what we wanted. I naturally said BOOKS. After getting some deadly stares from daddy dear, I sent him links to just five books. His wife is a fellow bibliophile so they arrived in pristine condition even after traveling for 16 hours. Continue reading “March Book Haul”


Bloglanders Issue # 4 {Not Your Type Blog}

20160128_150330-1I cannot believe that I completely forgot about this. Anyway, Bloglanders is an online magazine created by the amazing Areeba of Not Your Type blog. I had been meaning to write something for it ever since I found out about it in January.

When I read the topic of the fourth issue which was “Blogpost Secrets”, I wrote about it. The issue came out last month and you can go view it here. 

I hope that you love this zine as much as I do. Areeba has done a great job. And as she says, “it’s wrapped with love and magic.” 🙂



One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for this award twice. First by Mahnoor of Moonlight Blog and then by Mysterious Mind of Mine. Thank you for the nomination. Do go and read their posts.


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Books Read In February

20160301_140018-1I was so proud of myself for reading so many books in January. Then February came. And I read only three books. I guess it’s not that bad but I want to watch less things and read more. Continue reading “Books Read In February”