The Adventurous Side Of Doha {#QatarLinkUp}

njiI am an adrenaline junkie. Jumping off planes, riding fast roller coasters, being suspended in mid air etc, are my kind of things. There are tons of places in Doha where you can be an ideal tourist, roam around and take pictures. After you have done that, come read this. Because I am talking about some fantastic adventures that anyone can easily do.

Here are some of the things that I love and are a must do for anyone visiting Doha.

1.Quad Bike Riding in Sealine: Once I crashed my bike in a private tent and broke one of the wooden pillars. Let’s not even try counting the times I have gotten stuck on hills or gotten injured. After I got married, the other half’s extended family was here so we took them to Sealine. We both fell off the Quad Bike and I had a huge purple bruise on my chin for a month. Imagine the ‘Desi Aunty’ stares I got at all the post marriage dinners.

The best part about this is that it’s appropriate for everyone, from kids to adults. It’s very easy and a lot of fun.20160101_162839.jpg

Where can you do this ? : Umm Saeed, near Sealine beach.

How much does it cost ? QR 150 for the bigger Quad and 100 for the smaller one.

When can you do this ? If you go on a weekday, the place is deserted and super awesome. On weekends try getting there as early as possible because all the bikes are taken in minutes.

2. Jet Skiing in Katara:

Water sports are gaining popularity a lot more over here. Jet Skiing is one of them. A lot of people own private Jet Skis. But those of us who don’t have a Jet Ski parked outside their house, can enjoy the sport in a number of places. Personally, I think Katara is the best. The location is great and the prices are fixed, so no fear of being ripped off. DSCN1969

Where: Corniche near Bandar or Katara

When: If you are going to Katara then call ahead and check. Sometimes it’s closed for various reasons. 

Cost: You can check that out here on their website. 

3. Para Sailing :

YES ! You can do Para-sailing in Qatar. You heard it right. My reaction was also jaw dropping and eyes popping kind. I did this with my siblings last year on Eid. It was a lot of fun. Basically, a boat takes you out to the sea, you are strapped in a Parachute and then you go up in the air while there is a rope tying the boat with the parachute. Imagine a fantastic view up above in the sky, peace and serenity. It’s what I imagine sitting in a cloud is like.20150721_17061620150721_170821

Where: Katara

When: During the timings of the beach. These timings change all the time. Check the latest over here. 

Cost: QR 100 per trip which lasts about 10 minutes.

4. Desert Safari:

I went on a Safari in Dubai. We were paired with two other couples, both of them were old and retired. The driver took pity on them and didn’t do half the stunts he should have done. Because they started screaming before the tour even began. Then our four wheeler got stuck while coming down a hill and we had to get out while it was leaning like Tower of Pisa. So it wasn’t that good of an experience for me. I loved the getting stuck part but then the other people wouldn’t open their doors.

I haven’t been on a Safari in Doha, yet. The other half has been on one. He loved it.DSCN1908DSCN1909

The getting stuck part. 

Where, when and how much does it cost ? 

I don’t the details of this. But you can check them here and here

5. Dhow Ride:

You might have been on a boat before. But Dhow is not your average boat. It’s a traditional Arab boat that is still used for fishing. This is perfect for those of you who are afraid of heights or fun. I recommend doing this just before sunset so you get the best of both worlds. Take a cup of Karak with you and enjoy the breath taking view.

You will be able to see the Doha Skyline in both day and night. 20160316_211852.jpg

Where: Corniche, Doha

When: I recommend going half an hour before sunset. 

Cost: QR 20 for adult/QR 10 for kids

Those are all the fun things I could think off. If you know of any amazing, blood pumping activities to do, please let me know.

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