Happy To Us !

Two years. 24 months. 731 days.1544 hours. 1052640 minutes.

That is the amount of time that I have been married for.

‘OMG, tumnay itni choti beti ki shaadi kardi’.

OMG, you married your daughter at such a young age.

‘Haan, shaadi isi age mai hojani chaye, adjust honay mai asani hoti hai.’

Yeah, you should get married at this age, it’s easier to adjust.

‘Aray tumnay memono mai apni beti ki shaadi kardi’

You got your daughter married in Memons.

‘Larka tu kahi say bhi laiq nahi hai hamari Sumaica kay’

The guy is in no way fit for our Sumaica.

‘Beta, shaadi kay baad larki ka kaam uska ghar sambhalna hota hai’

Dear, after getting married, a girl’s responsibility is to look after her house.

‘Aray ye perhai werhai choro, hamay khushkhabri kam sunnay ko milay gi.’

Leave all this studying and stuff. When are we going to get some good news ?

These are just some of the presents that I received from society, family friends and relatives.Β It was like these people were waiting for me to fail so they could celebrate their win of gambling on my life.

Now to think that that we are two is surreal. To say that it has been easy would be a very big fat lie. But it has been a lot of fun. I have done things that I otherwise wouldn’t have done. Most importantly, I have grown as a person. Getting married is one of the biggest life lessons and I made sure to learn every aspect as much as I could.

Marriage is a lot of hard work. And you have no assurance that it will go the way you want.

People change. Circumstances change. That is life.

What you have to make sure is not to lose yourself in all this chaos. And that the person you married, loves and respects you for who you are. I think I have succeeded in that. At the end of the day, the other half rarely agrees with me on anything but he respects my opinion. Which is all I want.

He never imposes anything on me. In these two years I have done a lot of things that were asked or implied. Not a single one of them were by him.

There have been times when I gave up, on myself and on us. But he didn’t, on me or on us.

Then there are days like today where I just sit back, eat a shit amount of food, sleep like there is no tomorrow and just be happy.

Because you know what, we just turned TWO. πŸ˜€