Saying Goodbye To Ramadan

I just came back from the Qayyam prayers. Living in a Muslim country, I absolutely love this time of the year.

Qatari’s are very down to earth, generous and sweet people. But in Ramadan, their generosity is on a whole other level. There is no other sight like it. It’s one of those things that you have to experience by living here. Everyone tries a little harder to be better Muslims and thus better humans.

If you think about it and study Islam, you will realize that being a Muslim automatically makes you a better human being. That’s the majority of our religion. It is to be better people, to ourselves, our parents, neighbors, relatives and the whole world.

This Ramzan has been different than the previous ones. I felt guilty, studying during the first half of the month, so I tried a little bit harder. I pushed myself to do a bit more.

It was also a very difficult month. Because almost everyday, I would wake up to another atrocious tragedy somewhere in the world. People being killed, Muslims being blamed as terrorists, so much hatred all around. And then Qatar became the next target. Amongst the whole political turmoil, everyone kept their head high and loved their Emir a little bit more. Because he took the high road.

I have prayed a lot for this country, these past few days. Although I very badly want to move on, a part of me will always call it home. And no one can see their home burn.

As Ramadan comes to an end, I can’t help but think if we will get the chance to see this month next year. Who knows where you and I will be ? The question is have we prepared for it. We tend to say that we don’t fear death. But what about the life after death ? Are our deeds good enough to land us in Jannah ? Can we stand straight and tell Allah Mian that we were good to His people ?


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