My Top Five Favourite Childhood Book Series

I have been a bookworm my whole life. There isn’t a time where I don’t remember reading. And let me tell you, growing up with books is the best thing. I saw Atiya from The Good Life do this post and I had to copy her.

So in no particular order, here are the top five series that I loved as a child.

  1. Inspector Jamshed Series:


When we lived in Pakistan, one of our neighbour’s had a huge cupboard full of Ishtiaq Ahmed books in their store. Her son (Ali Bhai to us) used to read them as child. We devoured those books like cotton candy. The moment summer used to be in swing, we would run to their house and ask them to go straight to their store. We visited it on a daily basis. As much fun the series was, it was also great for kids because it would teach you valuable lessons. Through these detective stories, Ishtiaq addressed topics like honesty, bravery and hard work. Also, please don’t judge me. Keep in mind that I grew up with four boys. (two brothers and two cousins) So there was a lot of male influence.

Inspector Jamshed is a detective who solves crimes all over Pakistan with the help of his three kids, Mahmood, Farooq and Farzana. Then there spin off series called Inspector Kamal and in some books, all of these people would come together to solve a crime.

Fun Fact: Ishtiaq Ahmed has written the most number of books in the world. When Guinness World Record’s approached him to submit proof and get the title, he couldn’t do it because he didn’t have all of the novels with him. And didn’t even remember all the books he had written. That’s why Enid Blyton holds that title.

2. Little House On The Prairie: 

My mom bought me one of the books. She had read and loved them as a child herself. At first, I didn’t want to read about 2 little girls and their life in the middle of nowhere. But there was just something interesting, reading about a life where you make your own jam, soaps, kill, dry and preserve meat for the whole winter etc. I was a city kid who had and still hasn’t seen a village. Thus it was fascinating to read about a life, so different from my own. Years later I found out that there were more books in this series. On one of our visits to Pakistan, I hunted through Readings to get my hands on all of them but sadly that didn’t happen.

3. Famous Five: FIVE2

I for one don’t know a kid who hasn’t read Enid Blyton. She was my first introduction to reading. And to say that I loved her books is an understatement. I adored everything that she had written. Especially the series with Fatty in it. I started reading her short stories first and then went on to read Famous Five, Secret Seven etc. I loved George, Julian, Dick and Anne. Enid Blyton’s books are readily available so every trip to Carrefour saw an addition to my collection.

4. Baby Sitters Club: bsc_covers1

Oh how I used to love this one. So this was about a group of girls forming a club, you guessed it, that babysits. They had meetings every week where people booked them for jobs. And they got paid for it. I loved everything about it, how they handled kids, school, friendships and a lot of drama in between. What drew me to these books was that these 12 year old’s were earning money, taking responsibility while I had no idea that you could earn as young as that. I found the first book at Readings, loved it and then went back to get all of them they had in stock. People working there were over the moon seeing us four siblings stuff our baskets with books and not wanting to leave. My 3 year old baby brother (who is now 10) threw a tantrum over this elephant book he wanted. Suffice to say, we left with a lot of books and lot less dignity.

5. Imran Series by Ibne Safi: 


If you can’t already tell, I loved spy, detective etc novels as a child. I still do. I don’t remember where we got these books from. But I was in KSA when I started reading these. What could be more cool than reading about future technology and spying techniques. Imran Series and Inspector Jamshed series than led me to read and love Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, James Patterson, J.D.Robb etc. While I love all of these authors, I know that my love for mystery, crime and detective novels started from reading these and Inspector Jamshed series.

P.S. Why are the covers of Imran Series so creepy ? They remind of those Punjabi movie posters I used to see on billboards. when I would go to get ‘Nihari’ from ‘Mohammadi Nihari House’ in Lahore. BTW, totally unrelated but I really want to go to one of these Punjabi movies with weird names and even weirder posters.

Anyway, I hope that you liked this trip down memory lane. I will write a post about favourite childhood standalone books. So keep an eye for that.

As always, don’t forget to share your favourite books down in the comments.



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