Anniversary Tradition


We just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. By just I mean, almost two months ago. I insta-storied the whole thing. But I wanted to talk about it on the blog. I am always looking for new, fun and cheap ways to celebrate occasions. Since I end up spending my money on other things.

Let’s talk about how the tradition came to be. On our first anniversary, we were both rich and stupid. So we went crazy on the presents. They were awesome and we loved them. At least I loved mine. He claims he didn’t. But I know better. I just do.

When the 2nd anniversary rolled around, this guy was funding my studies as well as our life in general. On top of that, we both didn’t want anything specific. We still wanted to celebrate our marriage and enjoy the day. So I decided to set a limit, buy each other things and then see who likes their presents best. The whole point was to think outside the box, DIY stuff, create more meaning in little things and not go over budget. It turned out better than I expected.

Third year rolled around and I reduced the limit even more. This year was the best. The anticipation of my gift being better and vice versa was half the fun, for both of us. We would both tease each other, saying ‘Ooh I have this planned. I am totally winning.’ We made outrageous claims and the suspense kept building up. On top of the suspense, we were both crazy busy during May (our anniversary month), him with work and I with studies. And we both knew that the other had nothing planned.

Normally I am the one who can’t keep any surprises. On our 1st anniversary, I had shown him everything but I still wrapped it all to give as presents. I know. I am stupid. This year, he couldn’t contain it. So he gave me my present 4 days before our anniversary. Then we were so impatient that we decided to celebrate it 2 days earlier. We kind of ended up celebrating it the whole month.

We both stayed in our budgets and absolutely loved it. It wasn’t just about the gifts. It was about the suspense and excitement surrounding them that made it more amazing. And I actually managed to keep everything a secret.

It was a very d



2 thoughts on “Anniversary Tradition

  1. Don’t know if the last sentence got deleted or something but would leave to read the rest of this. P.s ditto, our anniversary AND my birthday is in May and we usually spend all month making excuses and celebrating whenever we can hehe

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