The Crap Called Lawn 2017

Let’s talk about every Pakistani’s favourite piece of clothing aka LAWN. Specifically Lawn this year. I admit that I love it as much as any other Pakistani. And I have paid the price of four dinners for one ‘Lawn Ka Jora’. However now it has become an industry focused on profit instead of creativity.

Firstly, all the bridal dress designers started coming out with their lawns. How could they not take this opportunity to benefit ?  Then where used to be one or two lawn collections per year, there started being a gazillion from Pre-Summer Lawn Collection, Summer Volume I Collection, Eid I Collection to Mid Spring Collection. What nonsense !

Then every other random person started launching their lawn collections, so now you have the Aysha Junaid lawn, Soumya something lawn. Social media especially instagram played a huge role in selling these clothes, soiree and garden parties were thrown to launch these so-called lawns. Cute PR favours were sent to bloggers for them to promote said lawn and then those bloggers/It Girls’ showed up to these parties wearing free clothes. Every one of them flaunted and bragged about the quality of the lawn on their social media pages. I love the blogging world but sometimes it is misused. I didn’t see one blogger saying anything remotely realistic about the clothes. I was waiting that someone would say that they didn’t like the print/embroidery/cut etc. Nada ! There was zero constructive criticism.

Our ‘awam’ ran to get their hands on these lawn suits that cost a bizarre amount of money. Just so that they could wear this ‘Oriental Flana Tamkana’ print before their cousins’s khala’s bahu does.

The story doesn’t end here. Every self claimed designer started doing these extravagant lawn shoots in Greece, South of France, Italy, Morocco, you name it. They had the money and they did it. I love their social media strategy. Looking at those glam models wearing Lawn stitched in Western trends, posing in Positano had my brain numbed and wanting to buy it ASAP. Only to have it delivered and realize that the Sea Green I saw in the photo shoot is actually Parrot Green in reality.

I kid you not, take lawn suits from four different designers, put them together and you will not be able to tell whose is whose. Because they are all the bloody same. I visited at least 6 different shops in January to come to that conclusion. Every piece of clothing is filled with ‘phool pauday’, ‘Mughal inspired buildings’ and a concoction of embroidery.

Now to be honest, there were a few designs I genuinely liked from Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, Generation. But there was nothing that stood out. Nothing I wanted to get my hands on. Some of them have gone as far as copying Western prints on their lawn and calling it genuine.

The sad part is that its us who has given this industry the power to do this. We are the ones spending Rs 8000 to Rs 20,000 on one stupid Jora. Forget your instagram and Facebook, go take a look around these shops and see if you genuinely like something.

Now I am not saying don’t buy from designers and brands. I buy from them because it’s convenient, fits my budget and I get what I want. Because I don’t live in Pakistan.

But where has our originality gone ? Lawn has become all about Instagram pictures, extravagant social media campaigns, Western trends like off the shoulder or cold shoulder. I like a bit of fusion but blatantly copying Western trends into our clothes. Hello, no !

The reason Pakistani awam loves lawn is that it is light, airy and breathable, perfect for our summers. Now picture the lawn these days, embroidery on the shirt front, back, sleeves, Trousers, Net Duppatta. The suits are so heavy that people actually wear them to Dholki’s and Mehndi’s now.

So what’s the solution ? Go and raid your local kapra market. Then swarm the lace shops and tailors. Use your brain and google, save pictures of what you like and get them stitched. Be your own designer.

Or you could buy the crap called designer lawn.




10 thoughts on “The Crap Called Lawn 2017

  1. hahaha Lavvv it! Personally hate lawn because I’m forever cold and can’t seem to warm up but I agree with everything you’ve written. I’m so tired of sitting with the in laws and every convo revolves around lawn *kill me*

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    1. Hahahaha. So true ! My mom has always done that. But we don’t live in Pakistan anymore. So I had to resort to buying from different brands because it was convenient. And honestly, the quality was better. But it has done downhill since then.

      Also, I love lace shops. Give me all the Kundan and Pearls.

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