November 2, 2017

There are so many things that I enjoy as hobby. I do them because I like doing them. But I never push myself to go a step further. Take writing for example, words form into sentences themselves when the mind is right. Then months go by without a single sentence being formed.Β 

This has led me to ponder about why I force myself to write even if I don’t want to. Some days you wake up with ten separate alarms and survive it with 4 cups of coffee. That doesn’t mean that you should have stayed in bed all day. Frankly that’s a luxury no one of us can afford. Come to think of it, that luxury will turn into misery pretty soon if you are in bed all day, everyday.

A friend pointed out how their are people who actually enjoy reading my blog. And I should stop neglecting it.

I do write but I never think it’s good enough. Or it needs pictures to go along the words. Since we as a world seem to be more perceptive to visuals than words. Hence I wait to take those pictures and proof read what I have written. That day rarely comes.

I hate proof reading, going over and over the same sentences, picking out grammatical mistakes like weeds out of a flower bed. All my life, I have rarely gone through the exams I write. I remember sitting in the hall, done with the paper but not being able to leave. I was mentally ordering myself to check what I had written. And in that moment, I felt like Salar from Pir-e-Kamil. You will know what I mean if you have read that incredible book.

Anyway, I will try to write more. And publish what I write. Forgive me if it doesn’t include pictures or if you find the tenses messed up. My husband would haunt me forever if that happened since I am a Grammar Nazi. That’s because his English is worse than mine. Just saying.

This is for the people who still somehow read and enjoy my blog. Thank you ! Reading about my outraged whining rants is not an easy job. Ask my best friend.



One thought on “November 2, 2017

  1. I’m the same, or was. I’d always wait till each post was perfect and then try and take a nice photo for it. Doing a daily challenge for a month really snapped me out of that complacency. It’s changed my habits a little when it comes to blogging 😊. Your blog is wonderful to read, don’t stress about the minor details when it’s your words that matter xx


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