Don’t Live With The In Laws

Living with you In Laws is one of the biggest challenges that you can face in life. I kid you not, it’s unbelievably hard on so many levels. And it never gets easier. I like to think that I have some of the best and understanding In Laws. Despite that it’s not an option that I would recommend to anyone.

Don’t do it. Even under a zombie apocalypse, just don’t do it. If you have the option on living on your on, always go for that. Husband was the stupid one who took the other route. I still mildly hate him for that.

You grow up with your parents, so you can say whatever you want and they will be okay with it. Even if they get mad, you know how to handle that situation. Because they are your parents. You have spent your whole life living with them and finding a middle ground. Whereas, when you get married, all of a sudden you are handed this other set of parents which you have to call your own, change your perspective and do things the way they want.

You don’t know them, they don’t know you. I personally like to adopt the policy of ‘keeping my mouth shut in most of the cases’. Simply because it leads to less problems and drama. Major ranting happens with husband but that’s the extent of it.

I have always been a very honest and upfront person. Till I got married, I had little idea that people say one thing but mean a completely different thing. I wasn’t aware of the hidden meanings behind things that are said. Or things that are assumed by what you say. Things just get super complicated.

How do you make them understand that you mean what you say ? That there are no hidden pretenses or taunts in the words you speak.

In these years, I have grown up in a completely different way. They have taught me some of the most valuable lessons that life has to offer. Whatever I learn, I try to pass it on to my mother. So that when the time comes for us to be the In Laws, we try our best not to do these things.





Dear Amma: ‘Today Is All About You’

fgbYou have always had one complain which is that I have written about Abbu so many times on the blog but never about you. So here you go.

Dear Amma,

Whenever I think of myself, my identity and personality, I always go back to you. The beliefs that I hold so strongly and so close to my heart, are there because of you. You might not see it. But I can. Continue reading “Dear Amma: ‘Today Is All About You’”